Our language experts specialize in a variety of fields and can tailor their approach to meet your specific needs.

01 Insurance

At Transcript, we have extensive experience translating a variety of documents, including customer communications and employee guides and training materials, for one of Canada’s top insurance companies. Over the years, we have acquired specialized knowledge in the field to meet our client’s specific needs.

02 Banking and financial services

Translating for the banking and financial services sector can be challenging because it requires in-depth expertise and an ability to maintain privacy and confidentiality. But it’s a challenge we’re happy to take on. We have an experienced team of translators specializing in banking and a loyal client base that includes some of the largest banks in North America.

03 Commerce

In the world of business and commerce, using the appropriate style and terminology is key. We support a number of clients in their trade operations by translating content intended for various entities and investor groups.

04 Corporate communications

At Transcript, we’re used to handling high volumes of corporate communications and delivering against tight deadlines. Whether you need help with high-profile documents, quarterly or annual reports, speeches or press releases, our experts are there to make sure your content is well drafted in any language.

05 Environment

Environmental terminology is very specific and constantly evolving. That’s why public and private organizations focusing on environmental protection and climate change are looking to Transcript for their translation needs.

06 Engineering

Translating technical content requires solid linguistic and subject matter expertise to avoid translation errors and misunderstanding. Transcript has a team of seasoned technical translators dedicated to making sure that every term and every sentence in your document is clear and accurate.

07 Social media

Today social media is a key component of any visibility strategy regardless of what field your company or organization specializes in. Take advantage of our expertise to make sure your messages are strong, clear, and concise.

08 Advertising and marketing

Translating advertising and marketing copy is a tricky task because the translated content must reflect your tone of voice and resonate with your target audience. Our experts can help you showcase your brand and make sure your campaign achieves its intended effect in any language.

09 Science, health care and

The fields of science, health care and pharmaceuticals use complex terminology. That’s why it’s so important to work with specialists who understand the basic concepts and follow strict procedures to avoid mistranslation.

10 Oil and gas

We provide expert translation services to a leading global group of oil and energy companies, making sure we stay up to speed with developments in this highly specialized and rapidly changing field.

11 Information technology

Transcript is your trusted partner for all your software and user guide translation needs. Our team of experts has extensive expertise in the field and can help you address issues such as string lengths, the use of tags, and other constraints.

12 Telecommunications

Do you specialize in Internet engineering, mobile app design, network administration or call centre management? Whatever your area of expertise, our translators will leverage their deep understanding of the challenges and concepts associated with this vast field to help you with your translation project.

13 Transportation

Ever since we opened for business back in 1995, we have been the trusted language partner of a major North American rail carrier, working closely with the company’s various departments to meet their translation and revision needs. As true experts in the field, we also translate a variety of documents for other logistics service providers.

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