Corporate responsibility


We take great pride in operating a socially responsible business and supporting team members who are engaged in their communities.

Translation is all about meaning, and Transcript is all about people. We’re not just a company; we are one big family. We respect and help one another, have fun together, and support one another both at work and out in the community.

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Défi25 – Le goût de la vie fundraising campaign to benefit Suicide Action Montreal (SAM)

Our collaborator, Martine Loiselle, launched the Défi25 campaign in memory of her son Francis, who took his own life when he was 25. Every year, she bakes up a storm to support SAM, and in 2020 she raised $7,775 to benefit the organization. Transcript supports her efforts since 2018.

Click here to make a donation online or email Martine at, to learn more about this worthy cause.


Everyone at Transcript is committed to making a difference in the community and to protecting the environment. Our employees often participate in volunteer and fundraising activities, such as the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, and we’re proud to support them in their efforts.

In true Transcript fashion, we’ve also been a fixture at TD Tree Days planting events in Mount Royal Park since 2015. Because we believe that a diverse urban forest is a stronger and healthier forest.

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We pledge to make sustainability a core part of everything we do—both at home and at work. In 2011, we adopted a sustainable development policy based on the following seven principles and guidelines:

  • Health and quality of life
  • Environmental protection
  • Economic efficiency
  • Participation and commitment
  • Access to knowledge
  • Subsidiarity
  • Responsible production and consumption

To honour our pledge and adhere to Quebec’s sustainable development strategy, we’ve set up our own sustainable development committee and created an action plan that we update every year. As we’ve grown more aware of our impact, we’ve focused on reducing our ecological footprint by:

  • Using less paper
  • Shredding and recycling printed documents
  • Reusing paper in any way we can
  • Recycling ink cartridges
  • Collecting and returning refundable cans (Consignaction)
  • Donating IT equipment (OPEQ) and recycling old electronics
  • Recycling cardboard, plastic and glass
  • Encouraging our employees to work from home or bike to the office

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